Monday, January 9, 2012

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be.... for a half-marathon. Yes folks, as of this week I am officially in training for my first ever half-marathon (cue much sweating and gnashing of teeth. And that's before I even get anywhere near a road and/or gym.)

I've always wanted to be one of those sporty (skinny) types, who survive on a diet my rabbit grumbles about being on, who radiate smug healthiness and who wax lyrically about their love of outdoor pursuits. I mean, I've hated those girls but I have also secretly longed for admittance into their exclusive, radiantly healthy gang. Well this is the year I make it happen people!! (I may have demonstrated my enthusiasm a little too much yesterday and ended up straining a muscle in my chest, which meant that I wheezed and puffed my way around the office today like a ninety-year old chain smoker).

Anyway my friend had more or less the same idea, so we have both signed up for the Luxembourg City half-marathon, which takes place on May 19th, giving me around 21 weeks to become less heifer, more gazelle. Or something like that... Thanks to the brilliant and amazing Tina, I have my training plan (courtesy of Hal Higdon) so I am ready to rock the shizzle out of it people. I will keep you updated on how my training is progressing and how I'm feeling about the whole thing, with a view to posting a pic of myself avec medal on May 20th, most likely STILL with a purple face.

I have some posts coming up which will delve into the recipes I am loving on my new wheat-free buzz and another post which might just be the cutest thing you have ever seen (just you wait. I challenge you not to melt!). In the meantime, my happy friend thanks you for stopping by and hopes y'all come back soon. (I would post more but there is a nerdtastic programme on about the Higgs boson particle that I simply HAVE to watch)

Ciao xx

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