Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taking tentative first otherwords, hi there!

Hello...if anyone is out there and reading this that is. Ahem..I'm just going to pretend as if we are at a lovely drinks party and meeting for the first time. No, scratch that please, I am Not Good in social situations as a rule. I get awkward, go a bit stare-y and really overly enthusiastic with the head-bobbing and laughing at nothing. And I tend to babble way too much. Oh, right....

Lets try that again, shall we? Hello lovely reader and welcome to this little blog. Along with a myriad of other blogs which no doubt have had life breathed into them today, starting up this little ditty of a thing was on my list of New Year resolutions and I finally decided to give it a go. It might go well, in which case I will possibly break the Internet with ramblings churned out several times during the day, or it might not - in which case we won't ever speak of this again, 'kay?

Sorry, I got distracted there by Harry Potter - its the Half-Blood Prince movie and its at the part where himself and Dumbledore are about to be attacked by motherfupping ZOMBIES (gonna be huge for 2012 dahlings) but nevermind, I'm back. Now, where was I? (This short attention span thingy is going to be a common theme I imagine) (also, Helena Bonham Carter is just uh-maze-ing in these movies).

Ok, right, how to wrap this up before it becomes an indecipherable stream-of-consciousness tome to rival Ulysses or something? I'll just say that I'm going to keep writing about all kinds of things that I love and loathe (often simultaneously) and I hope some of you will tag along for the ride. To whet your appetite, I will post some pictures of my main source material (as I anticipate them to be); The Muttley Crew aka my two hounds Phoebe and Izzy and the Mittinsky Corp aka my two cats Sophie and Jersey. I should mention that I am brutal at technology, so the pictures *may* take a while. (On another note, OHMYGOD the end of this movie kills me every. damn. time.)

Ciao for now, readers brave and few...


  1. Don't be tryin' to steal my thunder there...

    Seriously - well done! It's about time the world heard that you are always right and your menagerie are stone mad xxx

  2. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging, looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

  3. Looking forward to reading more posts!! Welcome to the world of blogging!! :-)

  4. Thanks girls for the lovely welcome! :D