Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meet The Muttley Crew and representatives from Mittinsky Corp

I know, I know, two posts in a night - you guys are going to be sick of me for sure. But I promised you cute animal pix and dammit, I am a woman who keeps her promises. Mostly.

The one with the bow in her hair and the very innocent face is Phoebe and she is Trouble. Yes folks, Trouble with a capital T. She may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but BELIEVE ME, once you think that, she owns your ass. I am not kidding here people, this puppy is pure ghetto and the ringleader of The Muttley Crew. Himself thinks I have her spoiled, but really how could you not spoil her? (As you can see from this, my ass no longer belongs to me).

The little one attempting to hide on the cat tree is Izzy, gang member numero duo. She is a Havanese, a breed I had never heard of before I came to Luxembourg but which originates in South America, namely Cuba. This has resulted in me imagining that she speaks like Speedy Gonzales from the old Looney-Tunes cartoons, which entertains me greatly (but which Himself finds considerably less amusing, particularly when I proceed to have a conversation with Izzy in this dialect teehee).

These two guys are my beloved kittycats, Sophie (the one looking up with narrowed eyes and an orange nose) and Jersey (the cutie with the white face). I will say this right now so you all know where you stand: 'Hello, my name is Dawn and I am a crazy cat lady'. And crazy doesn't even come close to it, so flee now while you still can...

The Mittinsky Corp comes from the fact that these two women are THE cleverest cats I have ever had - even the vet agrees with me on this. Myself and Himself decided a long time ago that these guys most likely have alternate identities, several different passports and many, many offshore bank accounts - basically, these two could buy and sell us several times over with their smarts. Anyway, ages ago I was pottering around the kitchen when Jersey launched herself on me and made the strangest miaow I have ever heard - it was like a Russian toast (Na zdorovje!) so naturally, I decided that she was head of a Russian corporation and was housed with me as part of some covert black-ops style mission, hence the birth of the Mittinsky Corp.

Now, you may have decided by now that I am completely insane and most likely writing with a tinfoil hat from a room covered in bubble wrap so that They cant hear my thoughts, but honestly I'm not *that* mad....I hope.

Anyway, ciao for now lovely people...

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  1. Yes, you are bonkers but it's why we love you loads. Still giggling at Phoebe and the giant woof which you must tell people about