Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspirational Dinosaurs, or how T-Rex helped shape my day

Evening all, how are we? I hope that all the poor, unfortunate souls out there who had to face work today after the Christmas break have recovered sufficiently from that shock to the system and are now rewarding themselves with a nice bit of couch-surfing for getting through the day without murdering colleagues, getting body parts jammed in the photocopier or breaking the coffee machine and sidling guiltily out of the canteen without anyone noticing. Ahem.

Moving swiftly on, has anyone ever noticed the way that the last song you hear before going into work can get stuck in your head and drive you completely M-A-D for the rest of the day? Well, the last song that I heard this morning was T-Rex 'Children of the Revolution', and while it did get stuck in my head, it also sort of shaped the way my day went. You see, today was Day 1 of my new healthy lifestyle regime, a diet and exercise revolution if you will (am I pushing it with that? Possibly) and the constant looping of that song in my head managed to keep me more or less on the straight and narrow - much to my delight.

I was recently diagnosed with IBS, so my doctor told me that my love affair with wheat had to end and that time was up on my steamy trysts with refined sugar. Naturally, this news was devastating and I was full sure I would fall off the wagon today. Repeatedly. However, Mr Marc Bolan crooning 'No you cant fool/ the children of the revolution/no you cant fool/ the children of the revolution' managed to halt me in my tracks every time the tray of Ferrero Rochers winked suggestively at me, or the bag of croissants got up and did a little dance right at my desk.

Marc - skateboarding like a god. Don't fool him. He KNOWS.

This positive frame of mind was further reinforced by one of my lovely friends, who told me that one of her New Year's resolutions was to try to do some form of activity every day in January - something as simple as a 20 minute walk, running up and down a few flights of stairs, or just bopping around like a raving lunatic to some choons, basically anything that gets the heart pumping and the muscles moving is your friend here.

Now THAT's an inspirational dinosaur

Right, enough preaching out of me tonight - I'm off to bring the hounds for a quick run in the fields before I retire for the evening. They have somehow sensed this plan and are trying to slink quietly behind the couch in the hopes that I will leave them in peace - maybe I should explain the concept of inspirational dinosaurs to them? 

Ciao for now dudes...

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